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How to change download location in chrome android

How to change download location in chrome android- It is simple to change the Google’s download location on your Android Phone or Tablet to an SD Card or the Internal Storage Locations on your Android device.

As a default the Google Chrome browser downloads files to the “Downloads” Folder located on the internal storage of your Android Phone or Tablet.

If you’re Android Phone or Tablet has Micro-SD Card Slots it is possible to use the Chrome browser download Files to an SD Card.

Additionally, you be more in control of the downloaded files by setting your Chrome browser ask where to save Files every time you download a file on your Android device.

1. Change Chrome Download Location to SD Card

Follow these steps to Chrome browser download files to an SD Card on your Android Phone or Tablet as opposed to downloading them directly to the Device storage.

1. Open Chrome Browser and then tap the three dots Menu Icon and select Settings from the drop-down menu.

2. On Settings screen scroll down, then tap the Downloads option in the “Advanced” section.

3. On the next screen, click on the Download Location.

4. On the pop-up choose SD Card and tap on Done.

Following this, any file you download through Chrome will be downloaded to your SD Card. Chrome web browser of your Android Phone or Tablet will be transferred to your SD Card.

Google Chrome About-How to change download location in chrome android

Google Chrome is a Google-designed free Web browser used to browse Internet websites. In May 2020, and with more than 60% of web internet browsers, Google Chrome is by far the most used web browser. Google Chrome can also be a multi-platform browser meaning that versions run on a variety of laptops, handheld devices, and operating systems. Statista reports the fact that Google Chrome is the most-used version of Android that holds over 30 percent of worldwide market share of web browsers as of February 2020. Google chrome is the first browser to utilize the address bar and search box. bar, which rivals were able to follow. Google launched in 2010 its online shop Chrome in which the web-based software could be purchased and installed by users.

Advantages of Chrome-How to change download location in chrome android

Google chrome has many advantages that it is a great tool to use for the following reasons:

  • The Chrome browser is a simple user interface that includes the most commonly used buttons such as forward, reverse and refresh. Additionally, it has an integrated search bar, or Omnibox which allows users search for the website address.
  • Many websites are designed using advanced scripting technology that could cause slow navigation. Chrome works well using this scripting technique and effortlessly presents dynamic websites. This can speed up the process in certain situations and makes the web session responsive.
  • Google frequently updates its Chrome browser to ensure it is safe. When connected via the Internet, this will be upgraded in a way that is automatic. Additionally it is possible to change the following security offered by chrome:
  • Chrome is now a well-known browser due to its ability to be integrated with other Google applications, like Gmail. Once you are logged into Chrome you are able to instantly log into Google’s other apps, like AdSense, Gmail, analytic Google ads, analytic console, and much more.
  • Incognito mode.

Chrome has an incognito mode , private mode that is equivalent to personal browsing or private window or when browsing in private mode. It’s an Internet environment that stops the history of your browsing from being saved. In general, the images as well as the content and cookies requested by the website are stored locally on your PC whenever you visit any website. Autocomplete fields may store any queries or fill-in types. In the incognito mode, you do not save these files when you don’t keep these files and close your browser.

How to change download location in chrome android.

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